What is a module?

A 4D Anatomy module is a group of four-dimensional interactive photographic images that are compiled focusing on a specific region of the human body.

What modules are available?

The Head and Neck Collection will be the first module available. Future modules include the Spine, the Thorax, the Abdomen, the Pelvis, the Lower Extremities and the Upper Extremities.

What is an image grid or layer?

An image grid (layer) is a set of high resolution photographs collected in a single scanning process at a certain stage of a dissection to provide panning and tilting within a module. There are several such layers in a module.

How are the four dimensions assembled?

The 3D experience is generated by panning and tilting the image montage or simply viewing the content in stereoscopic mode. Stages of dissection represent and provide time as the fourth dimension.

What is stereoscopy?

Stereoscopy or stereoscopic imaging is the technique of recording three-dimensional visual information (depth, as well as height and width) or creating the illusion of depth in an image.

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