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Semmelweis Medical University in consortium with Foundation for Epilepsy Patients was awarded the TÁMOP-4.1.2.A/1-11/1-2011-0074 grant.

Our goal is to develop a state of the art educational tool and related methodology for pathology, utilizing the world renowned Hungarian innovation, 4D Anatomy.

E-Learning materials will be developed within the framework of the project, creating platform to further expand 4D Pathology database. 20 rare pathological conditions, specimens will be scanned reconstructed and eventually incorporated into the database, students and teachers will be able to view and study standardized e-Learning material, examine pathological conditions in a revolutionary visual way never seen before.

In order to create this unique database we will be scanning 20 unique pathological specimens from the museum of Pathology Institute of Semmelweis Medical School.

In general these unique specimens are only be available for the general public at the museum. Students are only able to read of them in marginal notes of textbooks.

During the scanning process images of the specimens are captured at various spatial positions by the specialty robotics system called Neuro-Arc. Then images are processed in  4D Anatomy software reconstructed into interactive montages allowing virtual manipulation. Users are able to rotate, tilt, zoom in and out and switch between consecutive layers of anatomy (layering)  in four dimensional stereoscopic mode.

The interactive multidimensional environment includes comprehensive curriculum of anatomy, pathology, radiology, and clinical descriptions as well. Multimedia enhanced eLearning syllabus with photos notes videos illustrations narrations and quizzes allow quick referencing.

This website provides further details of the technology video tutorial on actual software features descriptions of the specimens and the curricula and a list of partnering institutions.

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