Dr. Attila Balogh recognized a need for an interactive anatomy teaching tool and in response, developed the NeuroArc™ system and 4D Anatomy Viewer software to collect actual photographic images of anatomical dissections. The assembled images create the first four-dimensional interactive anatomy software atlas.

  • 4D Anatomy was formed in 2006 to deliver the 4D Anatomy software atlas to the marketplace and is based in Phoenix, AZ
  • 4D Anatomy has a laboratory and partnership withMajor European Medical Universities Europe’s leading centers of medicine and health sciences
  • U.S. and International technology and process patents granted and pending

The 4D Anatomy software atlas is an interactive tool providing health care institutions, professionals and students access to the 4D Anatomy collection of photographic dissection images via their personal computer. By placing the user in control, learning, exploration and utilization occur at one’s own pace and timeframe. Text, tables, labeling, syllabus, export functions, personalization and a quiz further enrich the learning experience.

The 4D Anatomy software atlas will be delivered in modules, with the Head and Neck initially available in DVD and download format. Web-based subscriptions will also be available in future releases.

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